The Ark Lab dialogue

"The art of mastering yourself"

For a week, from November 25th to November 30th and for about seven hours a day, Amit, Annemieke, Antonio, Emanuele, Gigi and Nikita, from Italy, Holland, Austria and Lithuania, found themselves sitting in a circle to dialogue, seriously, about their life and the society around them.
There was only one thing that united them, curiosity and courage to get to the bottom, whatever it could mean.
There was no expectation, no goal to reach, other than to explore, to experiment together like old friends sitting in a bench in front of the river.
It was an extraordinary, unexpected, deep journey, where each one of us knows that he has changed forever.
Now we are united by having understood the power of dialogue, of the art of listening, of mirroring ourselves in the other and not only for our personal growth but, above all, to give a deeper meaning to our life and to our society.

What we have learnt

Each of us has learned so much from this wonderful journey that we are aware that we will need time to reflect on it, if we can think of a list of all the lessons we have had we will write it like this:

    • never stop in front of frustration and fear, creativity and insight comes only when you can’t take it anymore;
    • there is nothing more difficult than observing one’s conditionings, this is the high road for personal growth;
    • the force and destructive power of one’s ego which comes out in the mirrors in others;
    • true listening is an art as well as knowing how to make the right questions;
    • the way to react to the deep crisis of our society is within ourselves;
    • the power of dialogue between serious and responsible people.

Amit Jairath

When I came to the Arklab I had a deep intention to discover what was also a bit of unfinished business for me since Exosphere and that was to find solutions for people with a heightened sense of awareness and eventually organizing them into a truthful community.

Antonio Manno

When I thought to organize The Ark Lab Dialogue I didn’t know what to expect, I even didn’t know what this dialogue was about but to gather people like me concerned on what i called this “profoundly sick society”.

Emanuele Frigo

Emanuele Frigo

Before I joined the dialogue, I absolutely couldn’t figure out what I could expect. I jumped into this new experience without caring too much, because I was sure (and still now) that good relationships always give you something valuable for your own life, expecially whenever you relate with committed and open-minded people, as I was expecting to meet at the Dialogue – and expectations have been truly satisfied.

Nikita Merge

The Ark Lab program was knowledgable experience for me. Even though I was half-facilitator and half-participant, this program allowed me to learn more on how to listen to various opinions and how to better reason in return without a prejudice. I learnt more about real dialogue principles practically, and, I believe, I’ve learnt that we can arrive to the common ground with this method.

Annemieke Cloosterman

Annemieke Cloosterman

The dialogue was a great experience. I really loved exploring it together with a group that was dedicated to find out the meaning of words and to challenge our assumptions and prejudices.

Luigi Faggella

Some people sitting in a circle, an apparently trivial and even frequent situation, a circle of different minds and ideas, different languages, different cultures, experiences even very far from each other, near but far as the figures on a clock face where everyone waits for his hour to speak.

Do you want to experiment The Ark Dialogue?

From this first in-depth experience we lived the power of dialogue as an extraordinary tool for personal growth and understanding of others, which is the art of listening.
We are increasingly convinced that this is a way to explore and to travel to find an alternative way to walk through the deep crisis of our society.
While now our work continues in the elaboration of all the teachings that each of us has gathered within himself and in the organization of a second dialogue where we will continue the path of experimentation and elaboration of this methodology, we are available for anyone who intends to experience the Dialogue in your own city.
Please send us an email here if you are seriously interested in receiving more informatons


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