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Welcome to The Ark Lab.
Two weeks where 20 pioneers, from all over the world, are gathering together to seriously challenge their life assumptions and the ultimate causes of this “profoundly sick society”.

During this journey we are going to discuss the basic principles of society and our existence, the logic principles underlying our life and our society. We will discuss not like schoolboys, not you taking one side and I taking the other, which is all right in colleges, in debating societies, but to discuss in order to find out by ourselves, together, what is worthwhile, what is true and false, not whether you are right or I am wrong.

The aim is to work together to discover if and how we could build up the premises for a new model of education, growth and development based on critical thinking and freedom from any authority.

The program is practically free of charge considering only the contribution of general expenses of around 200 euros each.

All taking place in one of the most beautiful and ancient regions in the world, PUGLIA, South Italy, right in the heart of the Mediterranean sea. The program will go from
25 November to 7 December 2019 (with the option to stay an additional week).

Why the Ark

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

(Jiddu Krishnamurti)

ISN't it? WHY?

Because we have built this society, we are this society, we are responsible for it.

Because it seems that we live in contradiction, all of us, litterally, we say one thing and we do another thing, and we don’t even realize it.

Because we are too frightened, too lazy, to even dare to admit that there must to be more to life than what we are currently experiencing.

Because we are tired of all the institutions , experts, teachers, gurus and the others devoted to organize our life maybe in 10 steps!

Because we want to destroy within ourselves all the stupidities that society has built.

Because we know, deeply inside us, that we have to face the most difficult question in order to face this tremendous problem: what is the meaning of my life?


A very great vision is needed, and the man who has it must follow it as the eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky.

(Crazy Horse, Sioux)

“I know I don’t know” said Socrates 2500 years ago. These few words from one of the most brilliant minds in history encapsulate a truth that is more valid today than ever.

From here we at The Ark lab want to start, because it seems to us the most honest thing to do, because whoever claims to have truths on every subject, lies.

Nowadays there are millions of people who try to propose their truths to others but the concept of one truth cannot exist for a thinking mind. We have achieved, at the cost of sacrifices and renunciations, only a certain degree of awareness and from here we want to start by sending a message in the bottle to anyone who understands these simple concepts.

The first and most evident requirement of this degree of awareness is to feel alone, to realize, even if you live in a social context, that almost no one thinks like you, because they do not understand or because they are afraid and take refuge in the social conventions that are close to us.

There are birds that would die outside the cage, but there are very few that are dying in those cages. We are looking for that kind of people. We have no solutions and no answers, but many questions that, if we ask ourselves, can lead to madness.

Let’s face this uneasiness together, together we can create, through a synergy of similar minds, something new and different that one day will be able not only to help ourselves, but also, and above all, this “sick society” in which we live.ew


Many who are self-taught far excel the doctors, masters, and bachelors of the most renowned universities.

(Ludwig von Mises)


You see that something is wrong out there in society.

You see that something is wrong with your life situation but you don’t know what to do.

You are serious, responsible human being, you want to go deeply into this problem but you see that the others don't.

You will take the courage of a completely new approach which could challenge radically all of yours certainties.

You will take the risk that this could be just the first step of a long journey which could drastically change your life situation.

The Program is going to be like the first step of a new journey, which is our own life, by definition personal and subjective, where we will get the tools, the principles, to start questioning all our certainties, to start questioning if we could be free from any authority, externally and internally.

The Ark Lab team are not experts, nor scientists, nor academics, nor gurus. We are normal people like you, which are learning the art of watching, listening, caring, thinking critically and, above all, of living without authority.

Here we are not going into the details of the program for the simple reason that there are none. We don’t know them as we don’t need to.

The program is practically free of charge considering only the contribution of general expenses of around 200 euros each.

This program is a free inspiration from the life time work of the last century great philosophers Ludwig Von Mises, Friedrich Nietzsche and Jiddu Krishnamurti.


The methodology of the program is quite easy, we are going to sit in a circle talking together like old friends seriously interested in going into the “milestones” of this deep journey.

We will try to put aside all the acquired knowledge, not to let us take too much from our ego and to find the humility to listen carefully and to investigate all the “milestones” with rationality and serenity.

During the conversations, which will take place usually every day from monday to friday, we will be sitting alone and accompanied only by our “common sense”, without internet, mobile phones and computers.

The Ark Lab Team members are going to be the guides of this journey with only one responsibility-to intervene directly in the discussion only when they feel that the journey is not moving forward smoothly. They will take such responsibility out of passion and commitment to the process.


We know where to start, that is the awareness of living in a deeply sick society, the commitment to investigate the deep causes with great passion and humility and, above all, the passion to find a true meaning in our lives.

We do not know where we will arrive at the end of this journey, we will do our best, the following “principles” are just some of main questions that we will face together.

What is society?

What is thought?

What is time?

What is awareness?

What is truth?

What is human action?

What is market?

What is science?

What is love?

What is freedom?

After this program you will have done just the first little step of a new life journey, your own journey, you will be more aware of your entire life situation, internally and externally, you will have get new true friends, and above all, you will have planted a new seed which, if you keep properly watered, will give you the total freedom to search for a true meaning of your own life.






Limited spaces available!

“The Truth? I don’t know who I am, I am like you, a human being who understood that all things done so far in his life had no deep meaning and that has decided to start from scratch.
It is something which was deep inside of me for a long time. The internet bubble, the Great Recession, the obsession with the writings of Ludwig von Mises and Jiddu Krishnamurti, the pain of witnessing the infinite decadence of my country made things clear to me! I had to act! I had to do it for myself and follow my deepest soul. By doing this I made the Ark lab Project, here, in Puglia, the wonderful place of my birth. This is the natural evolution of my last experience on education with Exosphere where in almost five years we did twelve programs in Chile, Brazil and Hungary with more than 400 students from 60 countries.”

(Antonio Manno, The Ark Lab founder)

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