Beyond the Horizon

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profundly sick society
(J. Krishnamurti)



Science as the world of the senses, the external world, we are going to work into full equipped Biohacking and Smart Manufacturing Labs.



Reason as logic, critical thinking, we are going to study praxeology, the logic of human action, as the first step to go into the investigation of human relations, economics, society.



Spirit as metaphysics, the interior world, we are going to explore different ways to start questioning your inner self.

1 place, 1 program,
20 mentors and visiting fellows,
8 weeks, 40 students
and more.

Where Biohacking, Smart Manufacturing, Praxeology and Metaphysics are going to be united in one experience, in one of the most beautiful and ancient regions of the world, PUGLIA, South Italy, right in the heart of the Mediterranean sea.

We aim for two main outcomes: one is to learn how to hack biology, make things and solve real problems in a fully equipped laboratory. The other is to attract talented and like minded people from all over the world, who are going to challenge themselves, investigate real problems, and to form a lifelong community of friendship and mutual trust.

We are going to develop an alternative way to solving serious problems, with focus on gathering serious people, building fully equipped laboratories and transcending the slowness of current academic and research institutions.

The Ark Lab will be the start of this process toward a new paradigm for progress, right here in Puglia.

This is something which was deep inside of me for a long time. The internet bubble, the Great Recession, the obsession with the writings of Ludwig von Mises and Jiddu Krishnamurti, the pain of witnessing the infinite decadence of my country made things clear to me! I had to act! I had to do it for myself and follow my deepest soul. By doing this I made the Ark lab Project, here, in Puglia, the wonderful place of my birth. This is the natural evolution of my experience with Exosphere where in almost five years we did twelve programs in Chile, Brazil and Hungary with more than 400 students from 60 countries.

(Antonio Manno, The Ark Lab founder)


Puglia, such wonderful region in the heart of the mediterranean sea, is a metaphor for the huge contradictions of the current society, this is the main reason that we decided to start our project here.

Indeed everything here in Puglia is decaying. This country, once the center of the world at the mediterranean sea, was for centuries the bridge between the eastern and the western civilization. Puglia was the pinnacle of cutting edge science, philosophy, trading, art and beauty.


The program will take place for eight full weeks from Monday 30 September until Friday 22 November 2019.
It consist of three main areas of work: Technological LabsPraxeology and Metaphysics.

Technological Labs consists of two different laboratories: Biohacking Lab and Smart Manufacturing Lab. Each student will have to choose one of the two technological laboratories, each course will be open for a maximum of twenty students.


The Ark Lab is designed to build a community of serious people willing to challenge the status quo and, following the words of the philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti, the deepest problems of this profoundly sick society.

We want to be clear from the beginning, we have no pretension to solve the problems of the world or even to fully cover in eight weeks such complex materials as biohacking, smart manufactoring, praxeology and metaphysics, our goal is to create a place, free and open , where you can start a long journey with other people who, like you, feel that to change this world you must first change yourself.


We want your help in building up a new process which will try to solve the meaningful problems of our world from a holistic perspecive, not only technologically, but also praxeologically and spiritually.

The application process is very easy. We are looking for students who are willing to commit to The Ark Lab process.

The only requirement is to be “serious” which means to be committed, passionate and energized to do great things and to be part of the first Ark Lab experience.

We want your help in building up a new process which will try to solve the meaningful problems of our world.









Molfetta, Puglia | Italy
Sep 30th – Nov 22nd

We are going to organize The Ark Lab Conference during our program, check it out!

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