The Ark Lab from my point of view

“If a man isn’t willing to take some risk for his opinions, either his opinions are no good or he’s no good” — Ezra Pound

I’m part of a project that I’ve always had in my heart, linked to my real interests, but that something that governs our lives making us believe that we decide, has established that this was the right time to start this path because before I never had the opportunity. When you look at a landscape from above you can grasp unthinkable nuances compared to those of which you are aware by staying on the ground. This is the right time for such a challenge.

The beauty and synchronicity of all this is that I can share this project with friends dear to me, who represent my point of reference, along with other people, who I do not yet know, who represent the future and the novelty, which is what drives us to move forward to discover new fascinating horizons. Past and future together.

An ancient Jewish proverb states: “Man makes plans and God laughs”. I had planned to be a lawyer, but, obviously, this thing had caused someone to bend in two by laughter and tried to make me understand that I was off the road. It vaguely reminds me of the game of the “pot” or “pignatta” that is done at carnival when you’re blindfolded and you have to hit your container full of sweets and other delicacies. You hear the laughter of those with free eyes who look at this poor guy who throws a beating in the air and puts it all without hitting anything, even risking to get hurt, while your sweets are somewhere else.

If we could all play that life’s metaphor game with our eyes open, it would only take one shot to get the prize, so someone, after laughing and watching my ineptitude, took the bandage off my eyes because until now I had not even touched the piñata.

Okay, but let’s get to the point. What is The Ark Lab?

Summarizing it in a few words is not easy, it is certainly something unique, experimental, a human alchemical laboratory in which the basis of everything is the interaction between those who organize and hold certain courses and those, from all over the world, who choose to participate.

It is not a “school”, at least not in the classic sense of the term because no one claims to be a teacher; let’s say that it is a period in which some people make available to others a certain life experience without thinking that it is the right one, but remaining open to the needs and characteristics of those in front of you, which are different for each of us. in the Ark Lab we have only established a common thread, the rest will be a surprise for everyone, even for us.

The topics are grouped into three categories: exponential technologies, praxaeology and metaphysics. For us they represent the future, in fact they are still partially unknown concepts, but we are sure that they will be understood by those who want to discover these topics.

We will deepen the symbolism through the universal archetypes, we will understand why the human behavior goes in a certain direction and we will try to give indicative notions about the new technologies and the new economy.

Imagine having to sit in a circle with unknown people and tell about your fears, recite a poem by famous authors with your uniqueness and your transport freeing you from the fears of doing so, interpreting a play created all together or even try to read the tarot to a stranger without knowing how to do it, just interpreting the symbols, or even try to color the music. You can get drunk even without alcohol.

In short, the opposite of the routine of life, to venture, little by little, on unknown paths that could hide what is the real road for your soul. It is the den of the rabbit.

All this in an evocative setting that is Puglia at a time when summer has not yet given way to the cold winter, discovering flavors and colors that will accompany the color and flavor of something new that we have inside.

Some things cannot be described with words, you have to live them and only after you can understand them.

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