Apology of the question

A question is always a boundless ocean of possibilities, it is open to every solution, it is like a set of potential possibilities that can condense into a reality to come. One question is to look to the future, one answer is to put the seal on all this, to set a limit, and that is where the past begins.

A question is an action as a child, an answer is an old man’s thing.

A question is movement, it is thirst for knowledge, it is curiosity, it is life. An answer is always rigid, unless it is the most courageous and rare of all: “I don’t know”; an answer is presumption, and almost never wisdom.

A question is a waterfall of fresh water that is always renewed, an answer is a mirror of stagnant water.

A question is malleable, you can reformulate it, withdraw it, modify it, adapt it to those in front of you. An answer, once given, is like an arrow, it can hardly go back, pride and physical laws would prevent it.

A question can boast of the sinuous elegance of the question mark. An answer has the poverty of a poor dot that is included in the question mark but always lies like a servant at his feet.

A question can unite and agree every being of the earth, while this is impossible for an answer. Your question may also be my question but your answer hardly will be my answer.

A question is never stupid, many answers are stupid.

The question is the mother of doubt, the answers are the daughters of ignorance.

Questions mark the most important moments of life, questions do not lie, they are always sincere, it is impossible to lie if you ask. The answers, on the other hand, seem to be made specifically for the lie; they are the natural clothes of those who want to hide reality.

Questions are usually associated with positive adjectives such as beautiful, naive, cheeky, brave, intriguing; answers are accompanied by adjectives of opposite sign such as wrong, late, senseless, offensive, sharp.

Often, questions of a million dollars are given answers that are not worth a penny.

Every human progress is based on questions because if the great geniuses had not asked themselves crazy questions, maybe today we would still be in the caves lighting the fire with stones. If we had trusted the immutable answers today we would still believe in a flat earth at the center of the universe and other things that today would seem absurd.

Jesus never exalted the answers but he always placed at the center of his teachings the “ask and it will be given to you”; after all, how could we ever get something without questions?

In short, I always prefer those who ask questions, just like children. A little less I like those who have and give only answers. A question is never wrong and is only ours; the answers come from others and very often they are wrong.

In this new experience The Ark Lab the questions come before the answers. Before giving answers you must know the right questions.

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