Why we did The Ark Lab

As you enter The Ark Lab website, you will read the sentence

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”

by Jiddu Krishnamurti; a great philosopher of last century who devoted all his life to the total freedom of man.

I think there are no better words for why we made The Ark Lab, and to explain why we are going to host the first The Ark Lab, next October and November, in Molfetta. This wonderful little city of Puglia, South Italy.

It is not only a profound feeling inside me. It is a fact. You should just stop for a moment and look around you to get it. So, what to do about it? And how am I so confident that this is a fact?

Come on! Should we go into long theoretical discussions, or can we just stand still for a little bit and watch this fact in front of us?

Indeed, it is not in this short article here that we are going to describe this fact.

The disruption of the last technological revolution, the emergence of the so called exponential technologies, the inability to think with our head and a total lack of curiosity to seriously investigate ourselves.
This is exactly the reason why we have decided that The Ark Lab should have a minimum duration of eight full weeks. That is the minimum amount of time to build up a community of serious people that are committed to learning how to face this problem together, and for themselves.

Society is just a word to signify human relations. Which is your life, our lives. So, if you are serious, what else could you do but face this fact? All our life is just an escape from it, our busy or bored life is just a reflection of it. Whatever we do, whenever you are temporarily up or down, the only difference is that you are or not aware of it. If you are like us, believe me, there is no escape but to act; for you. The Ark Lab is our action and we are looking for alliances.

But how can you face this problem? How can you dare to face it? How can you even think that you are going to find a solution for a problem that seems to be infinite? Which almost certainly has been here for millenia?

We don’t know. As simple as this. How could we ever think of being so presumptuous to know the solution to an infinite problem. Indeed we don’t want to know. We just see the fact in front of our eyes, as we observe what is going on outside and inside us. We act out of this, this is the drive of the project.

At least for me, such awareness comes from years of playing with life and the infinite struggle. From this everlasting sense of curiosity, I have developed an obsession with the writing of Ludwig Von Mises and Jiddu Krishnamurti. From the day by day realization that we are such marvellous, complex, perfect and unknowable machines of sense, mind and spirit.

This is why I decided to collect all my energy and experience, whatever good or bad it has been, and accept the offer from a friend who has been working to open a coworking space in this little city for some time. I accepted to help under one condition; in this space, I would bring my vision, The Ark Lab, instead of another “technological” hub like you find in any city of the so called developed world.

The Ark Lab is a laboratory of Science, Mind and Spirit. Or more directly, of Exponential Technologies, Praxeology and Metaphysics.

We are going to start from those principles. We will seriously consider the etymology of our words, even if we know that a great majority of people will not understand right away, or will not like it. We are aware of this, and we are looking for serious and courageous people that will grasp the importance of principles to realize serious things. It all starts from the utilization of two unusual words; Praxeology and Metaphysics.

Indeed we know that being serious and curious means to have the strength and the courage to go deep into things, all the way to core principles.
This is the essence of The Ark Lab. We will not predetermine what is going to come out of this program because we don’t need to. I have enough experience from Exosphere to know that in order to do serious things, you need to gather serious people. It is that simple. Creativity is to accept to go in the unknown. And this is exactly what we are going to be doing next fall, here in Puglia, from September 30th to November 22nd.

Our duty here as founders of The Ark Lab is to find a physical place in this wonderful country here where we was born, and to invite all the serious and creative friends which we have met in our life, especially for me in the last years struggling around the world with Exosphere.

Now it is your turn, we are waiting for just forty creative and serious individuals like you from all over the world.
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