Only the brave!

Never be afraid to try something new. Remember: amateurs built the ark while the Titanic was built by professionals. (Dave Barry)

A well-known 18th century English poet, Alexander Pope, said “only the brave happen to arrive where the angels can’t tread”. Well, we are living a very important period in the history of mankind, a fundamental turning point that only the bravest have understood. I don’t mean with this that we have understood where we are going with precision, but we just need to know that we have arrived at a crossroads and must turn, even if that path is little beaten and uncomfortable compared to the main road on which almost everyone is still walking unaware of what awaits them, all columned up like the mice of the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Do you know those films in which you see a car thrown at full speed and, suddenly, the road ends on a non-existent bridge that opens onto a chasm? Well, that’s the main road I was talking about earlier. Those who have good eyesight (and I’m not talking about eyesight) have understood that this road is leading to a bottomless ravine and you need to get away from it if you want to survive.

The new road, for now, is only a fairly narrow path in which a few people pass, a beginning of what geneticists call “speciation”: that evolutionary process thanks to which new species are formed from the existing ones.

The whole world, as we have been accustomed to know it in recent decades, is destined for a radical transformation and the first signs are right in front of everyone’s eyes. The old and coveted professions such as lawyers, traditional doctors, accountants and notaries are all at the end of the line. Television, the cross and delight of the last century, is dying, at least as we know it; the banking system is in deep crisis, all businesses are destined to close replaced by the “Amazon system”: why should I go out and look for something for hours or days at the best price, or just to do the shopping, maybe in the rain, when in a few hours they deliver everything to me comfortably at home? The institutions themselves are collapsing; politics is less and less credible and the turnout at the vote is drastically decreasing everywhere, not to mention the religious institutions of the whole world, too committed to dictate rules and commandments for their followers, when instead we have the solutions within us without the need for religions.

This could be the presentation and slogan of The Ark Lab: “Only the brave”. Yes, let’s be brave because we believe in all this. We have already left the comfortable main road and we have taken that narrow path. We don’t know where it will take us, but the only thing we can tell you is that it’s a great adventure to discover it.

We can tell you that on this path people dress as they want, think and say what they want and their most important baggage for this trip is their mind, not large suitcases.

If you are a person who thinks he understands what your cat “says”; if you have dreams that you can’t tell anyone because you don’t understand them either; if you feel alone because you can’t understand those you used to spend time with and even look for; if you are someone who believes that Alice in Wonderland and Pinocchio are not really stupid children’s stories but much more, then we at The Ark Lab have something to tell you.

If, on the contrary, you have an impeccable curriculum with excellent grades, 10 masters at Harvard and your dream is to make a career in a bank or important company then we do not care … because with us, at the Ark Lab, two plus two is not always four ….

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