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Have you ever observed the incredible harmony of the synchronized flight of flocks of birds in the sky? Or those schools of fish in the sea where every single one seems to coordinate perfectly with the others as if they were all guided by one mind? They are made up of many tens of thousands of animals, but they take on harmonious forms, open up and then recompile into a vital dance that we men find hard to understand.

Both fish and birds are not “guided” by the signals of a “pack leader” because it would be impossible to make certain synchronous and continuous movements on the input of acoustic or visual signals. So how do they do it?

Is it possible that it is the manifestation in nature of a phenomenon so far verified only in quantum physics studies on the infinitely small? I’m talking about entanglement, something that scientists have come to know about in laboratories, but that could be one of the pillars of the laws of nature.

This “entanglement” could also have clear manifestations in the macroscopic world and especially in the psychic one. Animals use it habitually, we don’t.

We are often faced with a phenomenon that operates on a large scale and that clearly shows us in what sea of ignorance we have wandered for centuries and in which we still drift.

But it is all normal if we realize that we are living in a stage of civilization and evolution of consciousness and scientific knowledge that is still in a very backward phase. It cannot be denied that we have made great technological advances, that we have managed to take a look at unexplored areas of the infinite Universe, that we have the entire planet in a simultaneous communication at all times, that we have come to set foot on distant planets (even if considering a distance “distant” within our solar system is like putting a foot beyond the threshold of the house compared to the size of the Universe), that we are taking our first steps in genetic manipulation, but…. the mistake we have made so far has been to focus exclusively on the world of matter, what we live and survive in. We have learned to abnormally fill our stomachs, we seek impossible pleasures in our greed for money accumulation, and we are so taken by our frantic search for pleasure and desire for power that we have completely forgotten the dual nature of the Universe: mind and matter, which interact perpetually with each other, with a clear predominance of the former over the latter. Perhaps we believe we dominate matter but we are dominated by the mind and therefore we are slaves to something that the mind itself may have created. Quantum entanglement, that biological communication of fish and birds I said before, telepathy, telekinesis, and everything that involves the psyche, we considered it an anomaly and so we never talk about it, but it is certain that it exists and it is the demonstration of a metaphysical realm that we can not understand and explain, so we deny it. But it is physical, not metaphysical. It is the submerged part of an iceberg that only now we are beginning to glimpse and that will lead us to unimaginable discoveries, an “awakening” after a torpor that lasted thousands of years in a state of hibernation that seemed never to end.

Something really great governs our reality. Over the centuries, men have called him “God”, in a thousand different ways, because we feel that reality but we do not understand it. But the road is open and we have begun to see that we can unite that “feeling” to “understanding”. These dynamics are part of a vast reality that is present throughout the Universe and now that we have entered the age of the aquarium, many people have begun to “awaken”.

These new researchers would like, on the one hand, to continue their process of evolution and, on the other hand, they feel the need to communicate to others what they have learned, to create a community able to lead this planet towards the awakening for which it is intended.

This is our idea at The Ark Lab…a laboratory that is also an Ark, on which a new species can climb to do its best to change the world…welcome on board!

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