Science, Reason and Spirit

Is there a common language for Science, Reason and Spirit to communicate?

This is The Question that has captivated me for a while. Yes, even to me, a normal person without a PhD in philosophy, but still with a deep sense of curiosity and of pain for what is going on in our world.

In the last ten years I have devoted much of my time to the reading of Ludwig Von Mises and Jiddu Krishnamurti, the first has kindled within me the desire to deeply understand Reason and Logic, the second, the investigation of the infinite depth of the inner self.

“Who do you think you are to even dare to engage in such deep and complex questions?”

I can already hear this comment addressed to me. I don’t know who I am, I just feel a strong cry in my throat to openly ask this question, which seems not to interest anyone seriously anymore.


Because I am truly obsessed with the feeling that if we don’t start from here we will keep touching the effect and not the ultimate cause of the decadence of our society.

I see that Science is not solving all the problems of our world. I see that even the exponential growth of technology — a miracle from the power to Reason — despite the acceleration it gives to each of our senses, continues to create endless distortions in our life and in our society. From pollution and futile distractions to ever more powerful weapons of mass destruction and chirurgical wars.

I feel the fear that Science left alone could make our world even worse.

How can we live with this extraordinary opportunity, or threat?

I see that our Mind seems ever more distant from plain logic, from common sense. How many of us know the three fundamental principles of elementary logic?

How many of us can no longer understand politics, economics, society ?

Don’t we just need logic and common sense to understand all this?

I see alienation, misunderstanding, anxiety, even the parody of a society abandoned to itself. Can it be because we are losing the connection with the depth of ourselves?

Can we find a guide returning to read, study, experience the wisdom of ancient traditions and the infinite depths of our soul?

Those are the Questions which I will bring to The Ark Lab as the background of the research and development program even knowing very well that it would give rise to feeling of presumption and misunderstanding.

This is The Question which will be discussed at the first The Ark Conference on Saturday 26th October.

I know, but someone will have to throw this stone first.

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