The Mask

by Isadora Galant, Metaphysics facilitator

What are your innate intelligences and what is it that you learn by experiencing?

Is your purpose an innate intelligence? Are your skills developed by experience?

One’s life purpose is a delicate matter, for not many of us believe there is such a thing.

By pursuing life’s stability, one is taught to do the right thing. To follow society’s manners and protect yourself from it, to follow your parents path but do it differently for they were not happy then.

Living by a dual mind, humanity faces the challenge of unity. Coexisting in the same creation, no part is less important than other. Sacredness lives in everything.

“Todo cura, todo sana, todo tiene medicina adentro”.
“Everything heals, everything cleanses, everything has medicine inside.”

The indigenous share the knowledge that all things are medicine, everything has healing capacities. Plants, animals, human beings… if you take a moment to observe, all worlds expressions can nurture, can love, can heal. All manifestations have something to offer.

All races and feelings, all knowing’s and actions, thoughts and genders, like an orchestra connected only by the coexistence in our planet, play an ongoing symphony, which sounds disturbed at the moment. Disturbed because it doesn’t know yet that it is easier to play together. It did not understand that if there’s one violin is playing out of tune, the whole orchestra is also out of tune. Imagine that you go to the opera, and all instruments are playing in magnificence, but there’s one apparatus in a different rhythm, wouldn’t that bother the experience?

The same happens in the world at this moment. If there are a bunch of people living in comfort, happiness and love, and there are other ones living in fear and poverty, it is not possible that the whole play performs in harmony. Experiences for higher awareness will continue to manifest until every single player is conscious of its role in the play.

That is all what is necessary: consciousness. You don’t need to drop everything you are doing and run to the mountains to meditate. You don’t need to find a guru and follow everything he/she says. You don’t need to sell all you have and live life by the day. You just need to be aware of your role in the world’s reality.

The secret is out, for we understand we create our realities. All that we are thinking, saying, doing, is manifested. This is a huge responsibility, for we are not really aware of all that we are always thinking, saying or doing. We carry so many beliefs and patterns from our ancestral lineage, from what we are taught through our lives and from our collective consciousness.

You know when you do something that you didn’t want to do, and after it’s done you question yourself? Or when you keep going over the same thing again and again? It is a calling for presence.

Many teachers have understood what is for them the way to realization. Although in a garden full of sunflowers there’s not one flower that looks exactly like the other. The same thing happens with human beings. Although we tend to be like others, and to fit into a format, we don’t do the same when looking at nature, or when staring at the clouds in the sky. All clouds are wobbly and distinct, granting them the magic of freedom. Dancing with the wind, sometimes they shape into known forms which we can connect to our library of imaginary formats, and then they flow into nothingness again. The same thing happens with our feelings.

I say that for there’s no such a thing as one path towards realization. There are different paths for each one of us. Allowing yourself to feel which path makes sense to you is just like allowing your feelings to flow without attachment to them. It will connect you to your essence. It will lead you where you want to be.

So dare to be true, dare to be crazy. Dare to go beyond the horizon, where you cannot see what is ahead, but you sense it is right. Let go of all formats you’ve been telling yourself you need to follow, let go of your mind for a little while and listen to the silence. Silencing the mind doesn’t mean that you stop thinking, that you are anti-intellectual, or that you are a monk. It only allows you to have better eyes and years. It liberates you from your programs, from your compulsive concerns.

And when that happens, and you can genuinely listen, trust your inner voice. For it is the only truth there is.

Who am I to tell you this? No one, but my own inner voice and life experience, my own truth.

If you feel connected to what you are reading, I invite you to share your inner voice too, anywhere you are. For civilization is based in the development of consciousness and feedback. By acting and reacting the mission becomes undeniable.

In a magical place in Italy there’s a program called The Ark Lab, developing a laboratory for you to experience and manifest your innate and experiential knowledge.

The Ark Lab gathers facilitators from all over the world, guiding open minded people to connect to our inner voices, let go of our limitations, become aware of the world’s development, and create with disruptive innovations and technology, solutions for real world’s problems.

Join us if you feel it is right. The only time is now.

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