“A warrior cannot lower his head, otherwise he loses sight of the horizon of his dreams” (Paulo Coelho)

You’re not a warrior in the sense you think. You use invisible weapons that are not associated with any kind of violence, you do not make war on anyone but you defend yourself if you are attacked, indeed you must have the great ability to use the aggression of others as a defense, as you do in Tai Chi.

A warrior struggles every day against his demons, because he knows that the most fearsome enemy of a man is not in the outside world but in his soul, and if the soul dies, the body will do the same while it may not be true the opposite.

Winning wars and conquering nations can make you powerful and feared, do the same thing with your bad habits and gain complete control of yourself makes you invincible.

If you are not awake and always alert, you will not be able to achieve your goals when you immerse yourself in the daily struggles.

The warrior pursues his dreams, not those of society or others, because he feels his destiny, he lives it in his heart and skin like a burn and no matter how high the road is, if that’s his way it means that he has the strength to face it.

A warrior does not let himself be overcome by difficulties, because it is not certain that they are negative things. Only time can tell whether something is right or not for us at a certain moment. Maybe those things happen to show him the way, they are tests to be overcome to understand and recognize our limits.

A warrior never judges, because he knows that every judgment is personal and therefore almost always wrong. He feels free to do everything without social constraints, because as it is true that he does not judge, it is also true that he does not care at all about the judgment of others. For this reason, what guides it is the internal passion, never the fear of how it looks on the outside.

A warrior is recognized by the eyes, because they are a mixture of peace and curiosity, they can scan, instill security and transmit love, they are the true voice of the warrior who is usually a few words.

The warrior cultivates only solid bonds and those are few. He knows that only what is important is destined to survive, while everything that is useless is inevitably destined to disappear.

A warrior lives on substance, never on appearance, the masks do not belong to him, he perseveres without ever getting stubborn, because he is aware that there is a time for everything and his ability lies in grasping it and knowing when it is time to abandon the fight.

The warrior has faith. Certainly not in the absolute dogmas of religions, but in himself, aware of his uniqueness, and pursues his dreams convinced that he can achieve them. Like any warrior, sometimes he wins, sometimes he doesn’t, but he doesn’t let himself be destroyed, because in his life there is always place for a new dream to be realized.

A warrior is always concentrated, so he is heedful to small things. Only blind and superficial people see only the big events and leave out the details, letting slip the most beautiful things of life, which usually hide in the details.

The warrior is human, he is man or woman, and therefore imperfect, he makes a mistake, he gets angry, falls but gets up and is always ready to apologize for his mistakes when he recognizes them as such, but in his fragile humanity lies his invincible armor as a warrior.

This is the spirit that animates all of us at The Ark Lab and that we would like to convey to all those who want to share this experience.

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