Why Praxeology Matters

Praxeology is the logic of human action, from the greek word praxis“practice, action, doing” , in a nutshell explains with the rigor and the irrefutability of logic the mechanism of our actions, universally.

It is tremendous important to understand that this is just plain logic, it is how our reason works, it is the key to think correctly, to judge everything by yourself, it is the only door for your total freedom, from any authority, whatsoever.

I think that the ultimate cause of the #tragedy and #parody of our world today is the natural consequence of this elementary fact :

we don’t know how to use logic anymore

we don’t learn logic anymore, we use “reason” without logic, which is madness, we live in a time where contradiction is everywhere.

Some years ago I come across an old book, “Elementary Lessons of Logic” by the english philosopher W. Stanley Jevons, that educated many generations of English and American scholars with this crucial discipline of logic.

The thing that amazed me the most was that I found it not easy at all to read !

Seriously, an elementary book for young scholars of almost two century ago, fundamental in their early education, was not easy for me to read, a fifty years old supposed “well educated” man of the current time !

Of course, my friend, you would think that this thing is just my problem, a typical lazy intellectual man of this time which is always ready to talk but never to listen, but this book not only helped me to improve my thinking process but, above all, it gave me the realization which I felt inside me for a while, today we are not familiar with the principles of logic anymore.

The austrian philosopher and economist Ludwig Von Mises understood this problem very deeply, this is why it coined the word praxeology from where he built Human Action the whole framework of the economic science correctly understood.

Yes, it is not easy and it is even dangerous, because to learn logic is tiresome, it is much more than using memory, collects concepts and repeat them, passively, it is just the step behind this,

it is how to see the world as it is and to use words and concept correctly, actively, sanely, holistically.

It is dangerous because logic gives you an enormous power, to judge by yourself which is to be totally free, this is the most frighten thing to bear for each human being.

Are you ready for this ?

This is why praxeology it is one of the pillars of The Ark Lab

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