Amit Jairath

Amit Jairath

Part 1 – The Intention Manifestations

When I came to the Arklab I had a deep intention to discover what was also a bit of unfinished business for me since Exosphere and that was to find solutions for people with a heightened sense of awareness and eventually organizing them into a truthful community. With Antonio I had found a friend and someone I look up to who has been through the struggle of business building and still kept sincere to his own and common spirit. I dreamt of a place where inner workings became a common denominator and understood the way I experienced it to be the natural path for creation, social living, exchange, love, relationships and many of these which I saw lost, perverted and simply used as tools of seduction and lip service in the name of hedonism. 

I am not saying I have all the answers but I learned something very crucial and that is to have all the questions, questions that keep flowing from a fountain of truth and by diving deeper you discover the right set of questions. This may sound paradoxical but this is what I found to be the beauty of source. Sometimes I ask, wasn’t this maybe the reason life as we know it came to be – through curiosity?
We shall know by deeper inquisition.

At The Arklab I discovered through the Dialogue a deeper knowledge and more clarity to all the other scattered knowledges in my mind, emotions, spirit, feeling, energies and especially through the mirroring with others. It was especially helpful when spiritually the others were aligned on an energetic level. With Gigi I found that a human being with much experience and who was once deeply embedded in the corporate legal system had still kept alive a connection to spirit or source. This was definitely not an easy thing to do given that the system requires to be many times ruthless to your own emotions and humanity. I felt the sense of deep acknowledgment and alignment of deeper understandings. Someone who kept the child like spark alive that is needed to create and maintain the truest essence of humanity. And this was also always with Antonio. This is our common denominator as I have come to understand it. 

During the course of self discovery we came to many epiphanies and small portions of enlightenments within us. 

For me at some point it was clear and energetically fluent with which I matched to mirror the light in others. That’s how I came to understand it. And it didn’t stop there. I became more and more clear about how a whole eco system would work aligned with nature. However, it wasn’t in my hands alone to make it work. The paradox about this is just like the questions. It had to come from everyone involved. It had to come from the light mirrored from source itself. The beauty of this is that it can never work in any other way and it can never be scaled for one or few to abuse its power. It would only work better the more sincere, cooperative, light and re-SOURCEful you became. 

This is something also I can’t fully explain yet, however know it just to be and somehow I’m doing it. Don’t ask me how..yet.

The most important aspect to get to it: Commitment

When I started my CBD business and especially online business now under a complete new light and deep intention I faced more problems and hurdles then I thought possible. Nevertheless, I woke up everyday with one feeling – being a light. Faith in God and this same faith working through my deepest feeling/ voice and intention. Because every hurdle I managed to overcome taught me a new lesson and resulted in my creativity solving problems and at times even winning against huge powerful barriers. This gave me reassurance that there is a God who helps and there is nothing or no one to worry about. The toughest challenge however was to overcome myself. Vanity and despair had let me fail in the past so it had to be something deeper that made succeed. So I went after it and over myself.

I came with the same kind of attitude to the Arklab as I saw and see this all part of this higher purpose I am following. I could see the hurdles the others were facing as I had been through this. 

I had been fully committed without any expectation of good or bad outcome, except that even if there is a tiny drop of a water of hope in the desert I will use to try to make a garden. Never never give up unless it’s absolutely hopeless and the others tell you “forget it ,everything is going to shit and we don’t want to do it”.
I was frustrated more than once sure. Especially when I had given myself the commitment for at least 2 weeks to come up with real useful solutions and embark on a cooperative journey with like minded friends to build a real ark for woke people..and then the program almost ended a week ahead of the minimum planned time without any solution in hand. For a moment I felt bullshitted and could have easily gone off with yet another luring disappointment mixed with positive learnings for personal growth. I knew that we are stopping half way and this was neither fair to the participants nor was it a successful for project in the end if it stopped there. So I did not just pack and go. I looked for flights and there was one flight for next day but I lied that there was none. I would have gone two days later or more but the only flight was next day and there was not enough time to get to the bottom of this. 

Gladly we continued and reached to a level of deeper understanding. The conclusion was the better you understand yourself, the better you understand the world around you and the more committed you become to a higher purpose. It was amazing to see how we connected and came to common enlightenments. Through the light of others I too came to solutions that I wasn’t able to come to before. When Antonio listened in his new light, I felt heard in a new light. When Gigi understood my stutter, I started to connect the dots within me. It was an amazing play and show of deeper source intelligence. 

Although I wished even more commitment while I was here in Barletta instead of sitting alone a lot of the time working on my things and working things out on my own, I am hopeful this will commence into something meaningful and everyone will see how important it is to be fully committed for themselves and be fully aligned in this energy. And the only way to know is that you are fully committed is when you feel a sense of silent power that lets you easily work/ set your mind on the project like it’s your first love. Otherwise you are just hopeful and still searching, a search that doesn’t find what it’s looking for. And then everything invested into that beforehand becomes a waste of time – sadly and also gladly once you get in the ring you either win or die slowly and miserably. So the best choice is always to go after the next level of solving this mystery. 

I leaned that everyone is going through something that took me months or even years to get through for certain things. It’s all still a mirror and questioning for me. I do look forward to masterful solutions that will empower us into a common energy that becomes unstoppable and creates the greatest inner mastery and empowered community the world has ever seen. I would not make such an arrogant or even naive sounding comment if I wasn’t almost certain about it. I can feel it through the same sensation and energy I felt when I saw the light in others. Welcome to a new era.


Part 2: what I have learnt?
Nothing. 🙂

The art of nothingness, to empty your bucket.
To look mirror and reflect yourself through others. To revisit all bad feelings, memories, traumas, triggers, pre-conditions, pre-judgements and many other darker aspects stored probably somewhere in the ‘yin’ receptor in the brain and acted out in the yang transmitter also in the brain. Cutting off the cords in the energy body in feminine and masculine energy. The recalibration of these cords. 

I have learned about false power and true power. I have learned about external conditions and internal reactions. I have learned to connect on the deepest level and to respond also from there, rather than feeling and trigger analysis/ logic.

I have found a deeper meaning of compassion and tapped into the crazy energetics of this infinitely galactic intelligence of the love-sitter to wonder in it like a newborn seeing the first moment of light in peace.
I have been pulled back into black holes of swirling forces opposing the comfort of goodness alone, creating friction, challenge, the unknown and where fear and pain is created to find it as a place of birth. The birth of whatever shall grow. Remembering that even cancer grows, caution entails me and I feel the pain of how it came to be in others and the world. The imbalance enabled and the dis-ease caused in the assimilation process of mind, body and spirit to the dark inner and outer world. Without the sunlight of truth that transcends through light, the received goes through a process of transmission and then into the true light of faith the body deteriorates. The mind and spirit precedes that. 

The dialogue was a basis for the application of many different teachings, learnings, gifts and ultimately source energy to be connecting.

On a side note: I believe why so many highly intelligent people are attracted to artificial intelligence is because it brings them closest to source in their personal capacity to understand, many times just overwhelmingly logic. In the end everyone looks for some kind of salvation.


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