Antonio Manno

Antonio Manno

When I thought to organize The Ark Lab Dialogue I didn’t know what to expect, I even didn’t know what this dialogue was about but to gather people like me concerned on what i called this “profoundly sick society”.
For years I have been interested in the teaching of Jiddu Krishnamurti and Ludwig Von Mises without realizing that I was just gathering words that, sure, made sense for me, but only theoretically, logically, without experiencing them.

The Dialogue has shown me what is true listening, which is learning, attention, care, which is experiencing all the conditioning of our mind, the reactions of our ego, this thing which distorts the communication with others.

I saw, like a mirror, all the prejudgements which fill my brain from where my reactions flow in any communication, I saw that all my relations are distorted from this conditioning. It was a flash which i got during the dialogue, sudden, unexpected, in a moment of incredible frustration, after three days of painful caos where everything was going against my plans, my expectations, where the desire to stop all those nonsensical words which were thrown away become almost impossible to resist.

Then, and only then, in such painful moment the Insight touched my soul, everything became incredibly clear as I have never experienced in my life, now the words which were coming out from Amit had become suddenly clear, now, for the first time in my life, i was listening another human being.

For the first time I was experiencing listening, attention, compassion, joy, love as could not be translated in words.

This is what The Dialogue has taught me, now I have to take all the time necessary to explore the deep meaning of it all, my intention is to keep experimenting with The Dialogue and share all the lessons i get from it.


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