“A very great vision is needed, and the man who has it must follow it as the eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky.​”

(Crazy Horse, Sioux)

“I know I don’t know” said Socrates 2500 years ago. These few words from one of the most brilliant minds in history encapsulate a truth that is more valid today than ever.

From here we at The Ark lab want to start, because it seems to us the most honest thing to do, because whoever claims to have truths on every subject, lies.

Nowadays there are millions of people who try to propose their truths to others but the concept of one truth cannot exist for a thinking mind. We have achieved, at the cost of sacrifices and renunciations, only a certain degree of awareness and from here we want to start by sending a message in the bottle to anyone who understands these simple concepts.

The first and most evident requirement of this degree of awareness is to feel alone, to realize, even if you live in a social context, that almost no one thinks like you, because they do not understand or because they are afraid and take refuge in the social conventions that are close to us.

There are birds that would die outside the cage, but there are very few that are dying in those cages. We are looking for that kind of people. We have no solutions and no answers, but many questions that, if we ask ourselves, can lead to madness.

Let’s face this uneasiness together, together we can create, through a synergy of similar minds, something new and different that one day will be able not only to help ourselves, but also, and above all, this “sick society” in which we live.


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