Emanuele Frigo

Emanuele Frigo

Before I joined the dialogue, I absolutely couldn’t figure out what I could expect. I jumped into this new experience without caring too much, because I was sure (and still now) that good relationships always give you something valuable for your own life, expecially whenever you relate with committed and open-minded people, as I was expecting to meet at the Dialogue – and expectations have been truly satisfied.

I think you could behave two different ways in a dialogue: (1) free yourself from anything you think you know, and therefore open your mind in order to listen to what your neighbour has to say; (2) quit it. There is no third way. And Dialogue helps you to force yourself facing the efforts of listening, which is a must-learn art, if you are looking for a deeper understanding of yourself and the people around you. Which is, of course, a key for opening tons of doors in any aspect of your life: business, spirituality, relationships, education, …

Actually, I have not experienced a great insight or a big sudden change. I felt more like I was “connecting the dots”, for both my personal and professional life. I felt more like if a “seed” has been planted already somewhere sometime in me, and the dialogue helped me in recognizing the seed and giving me the tools for watering and nurturing it.


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