If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
(Nikola Tesla)

Since the development of the internet, the speed of technological innovation has become exponential. Biohacking and Smart Manufacturing, similar to popular fields like blockchain and machine learning, are opening up tremendous challenges and opportunities.

We are aware of this and we even feel the pain of the implication of such a revolution. We know that we don’t have any other solution but to try to find a process where we could balance what we call the tradition of the old world, which is logic, critical thinking, discipline, self-reliance, and awareness of “what is”, with the challenges of the new world; the exponential growth of science.

There are two fully equipped laboratories on Biohacking and Smart Manufacturing, directed by an international team of creative mentors and Visiting Fellows, all of which understand the challenges of their industry.

The goal is to develop a process where students and mentors can work together to tackle serious problems through a deep understanding of the principles of powerful technologies.

We don’t like to define this program with the words so widely used today like “startup”, “incubator”, or “accelerator”. We think these words have been corrupted by the illusion of easy money, easy learning, easy solutions, and easy entrepreneurship. Nothing is as far from truth as this illusion.

To solve a serious problem, to go into the market and to survive, is a tremendous undertaking. We are aware of this challenge, which is why The Ark Lab takes a different approach. In fact, we don’t know exactly what that approach is yet! What we do know, is that this is going to be a place where science, mind and soul unite to offer greater solutions than we have seen before.


The course will consist of six scheduled projects with the option to experiment with bioimplants towards the end of the course. The first week will begin with procedures meant to teach the basics of sterile techniques and growing microbes.


Smart Manufacturing aka Industry 4.0 describes the new era of the intelligent factory, in which previously separate production processes join together to produce usable data. With this new technology machines can communicate between them, merging by cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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