How does the program application process work?
Our program application process has three steps. First step requires you to complete the application form on our website. On second step we will reach out to you by the email to schedule our interview call. Final step is to have an interview call with one of our The Ark Lab team members. In the application form you will be able to select the Course of your interest.

How many students will participate in the program?
40 student slots available. We expect 30 – 40 students of all ages and backgrounds.
Are specific skills requested?
No. The Ark Lab program system is based on evaluating and approaching your situation individually, providing you with right circumstances for your optimal results. We want to help you to identify which scenario of your life to choose from. Your future – our task.

Is it requested to choose one of the two technology laboratories courses?
Yes, since the goal of the whole experience is to learn by doing you have to choose between Biohacking and Smart Manufacturing courses, indeed you will start investigating the real problems of Puglia, the region which host The Ark Lab, like the problems of the huge local agro-industrial sector like olive oil, winery, cheese industries and so on.
Of course there is not going to be a separation between the two labs which are going to exchange experiences in a kind of an osmotic process.
Blockchain and AI mentors will also be present in the Labs in order to consider the implementation of those technologies in the process of investigation and innovation.

How will the workshops and courses take place?
Our workshops and courses will balance between creative freedom and the discipline of the business engagement. This balance is the reason we wanted to include the topics of praxeology and metaphysics along with the study of technology. Our program metaphysics and praxeology study in the morning and the technology laboratories in the afternoon, but we are able to adjust to the innovative process as needed.

Are there any evening activities?
Yes, there will be activities during the evening and the weekend; though their content will depend on the heterogeneity of the students who register. From our experience in Exosphere this aspect is among the most exciting and unpredictable.
How will I know if I am accepted for the program?
We will let you know within 72 hours after having the interview call.
Should I have an idea for my project in order to apply for the program?
No. It is not necessary to have your project idea to be ready before being enrolled for the program. Yet, if you already have some ideas for your team project – we encourage you to carry it with you to the program. If you have no ideas – feel free to explore.
Is accomodation included into the price?
Accommodation is not included into the price yet we care for your comfort and are happy to help you with present options and arrangement.

Can I pay with the crypto currencies ?
Of course, but we accept only bitcoin.

Could I pay for the program with installments?
Yes. We are happy to offer the option to perform your payment in 2 installments for your financial convenience.
How can I pay the installments ?
Via Bank Wire Transfer (IBAN or SWIFT) and Bitcoin
Do you provide food [lunch / breakfast]  in the program ?
We do not plan to provide food but there will be different options for all budgets. Puglia indeed is famous in the world as the cradle of the Mediterranean diet, an affordable cuisine of great quality.
How can I get to Puglia?
Puglia is easily at reach for international flights. If you are considering to enjoy Puglia prior on your arrival to the program, you have a great option to explore the region before coming to the Lab. See our WHERE section to more info.
When do I need to arrive?
We recommend you to arrive at least couple days before the program begins to get use to the new place and be ready for the program.
Do I need a Visa to enter Italy?
Puglia, Italy, is a member of Europe Union and Schengen Area.
Will I have a free time during the program?
Saturdays and Sundays are free to have a time for yourself. It will be a good time for you to explore the local culture and atmosphere. Use the weekend to enjoy each other’s company, or to have a peaceful moment alone.
Can I stay after the program?
Yes. We encourage you to continue your life-changing journey with us and the rest of the group after the end of the program. In fact we are willing to set up a long term entrepreneurial ecosystem in Puglia. This is just the beginning of The Ark Lab brand. Your future is our task – we will continue bringing you more wisdom, mastery, and union, keeping you all connected.

The program will take place in winter, will it be cold?
Puglia is renowned as a region with a typical mild Mediterranean climate with an average temperature of around 10 degrees centigrade in December and January.


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