Luigi Faggella

Luigi Faggella

Some people sitting in a circle, an apparently trivial and even frequent situation, a circle of different minds and ideas, different languages, different cultures, experiences even very far from each other, near but far as the figures on a clock face where everyone waits for his hour to speak.
I don’t know what to expect, I and two other dear friends of mine have organized this new experience with the fear that it could be one of the many discussions on topics certainly not trivial and anyway of a certain interest.

What is truth, what is thought, what is time, what is love. These are all questions that we often ask ourselves and about which we rarely confront others for fear of seeming boring. Certainly interesting, but what will it be for? Don’t we risk repeating one of the usual sterile debates in which everyone expresses their opinion without finding common ground?
In fact, the first two days were exactly like that, a confrontation between strong individualities in which everyone, even with bright tones, tried to defend at all costs his point of view, as always happens in common discussions.

Then, magically and unexpectedly, on the third day, something happened.

The willingness to listen to what others really said became more important than the convictions of each of us and we discovered together what dialogue really is.

The original program was naturally abandoned and the art of listening was born at that moment, the only one able to change someone from the inside and not from the outside, because changes from the outside are always useless or harmful.

Thanks to the interconnection that has been created and the commitment of all present to move in this direction, I felt the clear feeling of a growing harmony in the energy of all and I must confess that it was an exciting moment, comparable to a real enlightenment, a very deep intuition.

It was a natural process, with arguments flowing spontaneously and with an incredible naturalness, and when the experience of The Ark ended, I realized that once you “learn” to listen you don’t go back and apply this state of mind with everyone, even if you realize that most people don’t use the same method with you, and it’s really a shame because now I know that you can learn to really talk with others.

Before my experience with The Ark I was pretty sure I had come to a deep understanding of my true self, but I learned that that road never seems to end and that there are situations that can take you even deeper into a part of you that you didn’t even know you had.

It’s amazing, but it’s not easy at all and it can even be painful, because you have to deal with your dark side, a part that we all have and that can never be eliminated. You can only know her and, if you are skilled enough, make peace with her and her powerful energy.

In summary, it was an incredible experience, a journey inside that I certainly want to do again, as soon as possible, because there is still a long way to go and I’m sure that there are also many people who have the same desire to really listen to others and themselves.

I am sure that, with this experience, we have planted a seed that we would like to see sprout and grow now.


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