You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop.

Explaining physics is a very difficult undertaking. The word metaphysics means what goes beyond physics and therefore it is even more difficult.
But maybe it’s not so difficult, because physics speaks to our logical mind and if we do not have the tools to understand it will be difficult.

Metaphysics overcomes the logical mind and goes to the beginning of everything, so it does not speak to the logical mind but to the intuitive mind, to our soul.
Physics has some precise answers to specific questions, metaphysics has all the answers only if you can ask the right question to your soul.

Metaphysics is that land beyond the horizon that goes beyond the surface of things and does not seek an answer, but “your” answer. To do this it does not take knowledge but it takes courage because it could lead you to unknown places but we have the certainty that, at the end of that path, there is the real part of you, that part that so far maybe you have heard very little, but that will make your life a wonderful thing.
Are you ready to jump into the white rabbit’s den as did Alice in Wonderland?

What you will get 

What we mean by metaphysics is a large container, a kind of tool box with many ways to change one’s point of view on many things. To say precisely what is, is difficult, but we can begin to tell you what it is not.

It is not comparable to anything you could find near home. Yoga classes, meditation, self-improvement, law of attraction, none of this. Today there are millions of people who improvise themselves as gurus and promise to teach any discipline that improves life.

We are not gurus but we have the passion and conviction that together, with our method, we can discover a new way of seeing things, because, as Confucius said a long time ago, “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day; teach him how to fish and feed him for life “.

But we can and must summarise here some of the workshops we will work with together. This is because we are convinced that the work we are planning to do, will be interactive; we will have some innovative and interesting tracks but the protagonists will be you, that can expand and improve everyone’s experience with your ideas.

The program will be a full immersion of workshops that will cover subjects beyond the horizon. You will marvel at what you can discover of yourself, that you have the courage to change what you do not like and discover that you have talent for poetry or that you have divinatory skills with tarot cards, that you can move only by looking in the eyes of an unknown person facing you for ten minutes without speaking.

We will meditate not only to seek balance, but, above all, to bring out anger and fears and defeat them. We will read books and poems together, you will have to discover hidden provocators, you will learn the language of the body and you will have to find out what your signature of the soul, that is certainly not what you have written thousands of times so far. 

We will try to find out if you have telepathic skills, what your body language is and if you can understand others through that particular reading. We will try to draw the music and color the emotions in a way that you will never have done … are you ready to get involved aboard the Ark?

Luigi Faggella


Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. (George Bernard Shaw)

Luigi Faggella was born in Barletta, Italy, and until five years ago was a known criminal lawyer in Milano, with a job that did not leave him time for his real interests. The trials he dealt with concerned personalities of the television star system and Italian politics of the early years of the century. As a member of one of the most famous law firms in Milan, he had to be ready to answer the questions of everyone who spoke to him. But he felt the desire grow inside him to seek answers to his personal questions and no one could give them. For this reason he decided to quit law permanently.
So, finally, full of the most precious good for a human being, his time, he embarked on a path that led him to a radical change in his life, finally making friends with himself.
Passionate about Kabbalah, oriental disciplines and philosophies as well as quantum mechanics, he loves reading all kinds of books because he firmly believes that knowledge, and not just beauty, will save the world.

My personal top list of books: The little prince (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry), Jonathan Livingston seagull (Richard Bach), The alchemist (Paulo Coelho)


by Mona Reaume

Human relationships are oft times fraught with masks, machinations, and virtual connections. Using guidelines, and the subtly facilitated community building process, students and staff are invited to reflect, speak, and unmask. By discovering the chaos, scars and shadows beneath the masks, understanding and authentic connection to oneself and to others becomes possible.

After an initial two-day workshop, students will return to the circle for half-days on a weekly basis. The community building process becomes a nutrient rich petri dish for self and group learning and growth.

by Luigi Faggella

In the internal laboratory environment with simple creation of atmosphere of lights, incense and music, you choose together the “target” on which to send the common intention that should be of well-being and healing. Daily sessions of no more than half an hour each. The “target” can be internal or external to the group and must be able to report on any improvements in its condition. At the same time the same checks will be made on food or seeds, the latter planted at the beginning of the “course” to verify the difference in growth between seeds which were directed the intention and those without.

by Luigi Faggella

Opposite, in a poorly lit room, pairs of people, one in front of the other, at a distance of one metre, stare into each other’s eyes for ten minutes without speaking; a control group does the same thing sitting against a wall. The results are very strong, comparable to mystical experiences of altered perception with distorted faces, colours and subjective perceptions profoundly different from those of the control group. Not knowing who is in front of you can lead to a whole series of distortions with a mirror effect that can really amaze.

by Luigi Faggella

You will try to unblock the brakes of perception by experiencing a reading of the cards of the tarot even without the knowledge of what they mean. You will be faced with the strong and powerful symbolism of the tarot and you will have to try to interpret it by reading the cards to a stranger. You will be amazed at what you are capable of doing.

by Luigi Faggella

You sit next to each other in complete darkness and try to be as natural as possible in this situation. We talk, eat, drink, practically recreate the situation of a blind person and then we gather and discuss in groups testimonies and impressions.

by Luigi Faggella

You will be composers of music even if you do not know it. You will have a handpan at your disposal and you will create music to encourage the meditation of the whole group. Each session will be in rotation for the musical guidance of those who will play the handpan.

by Luigi Faggella

Free rein to the imagination through the famous pieces of Lego. Groups are created and asked to give free rein to their fantasy through the construction of a project with Lego bricks. When they are complete we will try to interpret the creations of each group by others, without “judgments”, just to read what has been created and discuss it.

by Luigi Faggella

Everyone is given time to create a poem or to choose one of the various possibilities given or that they know and act in front of everyone, with feeling, establishing a dialogue between participants after the experience.

by Luigi Faggella

Fantasy and creativity are stimulated by listening to selected pieces of music and participants are asked to associate them with sensations, food, drink, color or other at their discretion, opening collective discussions on the diversity of sensations experienced.

by Luigi Faggella

It mimics, without speaking, a series of gestures that have a clear meaning in daily actions and communicates to the chosen person first while all the others are in line without looking. The person turns what follows into the line and mimics the gesture proposed as the starting intention. You will realize that at the end of the line the gesture will be completely different from the starting one. And that’s what happens in everyday life. We will film everything and comment together; fun and instructive.

by Luigi Faggella

You will have at your disposal canvases and watercolours, and you can give vent, individually or in groups, to your creativity, expressing your deepest feelings. At the end we will review everything and we will analyze together the works through symbology and readings also by the other participants. The author will not describe the work but the others.

by Luigi Faggella

External workshop. Participants will go through the streets in groups of two or three and, blindfolded, will put on a sign inviting street people to embrace them. Upon return, experiences and feelings will be compared.

by Luigi Faggella

very special meditative art. In the slow gestures of this ancient millenary art you will learn the difference between the haste of today’s life and the reflection that we have lost.

by Claudio Lastore

Dedicated workshop with an international expert in this ancient discipline and daily courses to learn the correct breathing, the correct posture, and experience the benefits on the body of this meditation in motion.

Understanding yourself and the world

Jiddu Krishnamurti​

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