Combining our two fully equipped laboratories, our network of highly accomplished program mentors, with your ideas and creativity we will embark on an 8 week journey experimenting with exponential technologies to discover new ways of thinking and solving the current issues that face our world today.  You will work collaboratively to help solve meaningful big picture problems and simultaneously heighten your own self-awareness, unlocking a deeper sense of self, purpose, and meaning in your personal and professional life.

We want to be clear from the beginning, we have no pretension to solve the problems of the world or even to fully cover in eight weeks such complex materials as biohacking, smart manufacturing, blockchain, artificial intelligence, praxeology and metaphysics.

Our goal is to create a place, free and open, where you can start a long journey with other people who, like you, feel strongly that we must be the change we wish to see in the world.

You are going to get your hands dirty with real and serious problems, we will start here, from Puglia, this wonderful region that hosts us, to investigate also problems in the local industries which are also facing a profound crisis right now.

Our priority is to gather serious people that will investigate real problems in a laboratory setting, with a holistic and open innovation perspective. The lab is not limited to the scope we have defined here. We will be open to all new ideas and solutions which are going to come up from the creativity incubator process of The Ark Lab.


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