“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

(Jiddu Krishnamurti)

They claim to know how to use exponential technologies for good, and how you should learn to use them.

They claim to know how to fix the infinite Great Recession, Global Warming or Climate Change as they like to call it now. They say this regardless of whether they come from the right, left, or center.

They claim to know who you truly are, and what is right or wrong in your life. They even claim to know how you can find happiness and meaning.


This is why The Ark Lab endeavor gathers different thinkers from all over the world and to unite technology, reason and self-discovery, to empower the architects of the next generation’s problem solvers.

The Ark Lab is a place for diverse thinkers to come together and collaborate, share ideas, and form long lasting friendships and connections.

With the resources provided in the manufacturing and biotechnology labs, students will be empowered to achieve things that could not be done alone.
Experienced mentors in technology, praxeology, and metaphysics will help guide students to cultivate an open their minds to a better understanding of the world and themselves.

The Ark Lab is the first step towards the building of a permanent laboratory in Puglia, where mentors, visiting fellows and students from all over the world will devote themselves to developing a holistic, responsible, open innovation process.


Italy, this extraordinary land where beauty is still possible to live in each of its thousand cities, especially in the provinces, is now adrift, abandoned to itself, metaphor of the decadence of our profound sick society.

Whole medieval villages, intact in their splendor, are dying day by day literally abandoned by their inhabitants, young people emigrate in search of a better life and their parents, getting older, they cannot but be witnesses, without hope, of this slow and irreversible end of a millennial history.

But we have a dream!

We want to change the course of history and buy, almost for a penny, one of these beautiful villages where we could keep building our vision, our holistic entrepreneurship project.

We know that this dream can only come true if we have the patience and humility to build them from below, patiently, working day by day, knowing that the most important thing is to enjoy the journey rather than the port of arrival.

This is the Ark Lab Dream, this is the first step of a long journey, our dream is to create an initial community of pioneers and not let the beauty die.

Sambuca, Sicily (Italy)

This is something which was deep inside of me for a long time. The internet bubble, the Great Recession, the obsession with the writings of Ludwig von Mises and Jiddu Krishnamurti, the pain of witnessing the infinite decadence of my country made things clear to me! I had to act! I had to do it for myself and follow my deepest soul. By doing this I made the Ark lab Project, here, in Puglia, the wonderful place of my birth. This is the natural evolution of my experience with Exosphere where in almost five years we did twelve programs in Chile, Brazil and Hungary with more than 400 students from 60 countries.
(Antonio Manno, The Ark Lab founder)


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